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At EmailForeclosures.com, we scour the web for the latest foreclosure listings so you don't have to! Search foreclosed houses in your area above for free!

"My soon to be husband and I found our first home with the help of your website! We wanted to send a email of thanks." -M.L & B.M.

"After looking for six months, I realized that I couldn’t afford my dream home on the standard market. Luckily I found emailforeclosures, which offered me a home that was 35% off, and everything I ever needed in a home." -R.B.

"We love the service. I'm suprised banks would not PAY you to post information such as you do. It obviously helps them a great deal. As a small investor I have used your site successfully to purchase 2 properties and am in negotiations for a third. Thank you for providing such a valuable service. " -C.J.

"Your site is AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for creating it....I use it to find out info before i go to RealtyTrac that costs me big $$$! " -B.A.

"I just want to thank you for the free site.  I am looking for a home which is why I Googled until I found your site.  Other sites indicate that they are free, but they are not.  Again, thank you." -M.H.

"This is a very good site. I like how open and honest your site is. Other foreclosure sites give you partial information, then tell you to join their site (at a fee) to retrieve the rest of the information, and most of the time the listings are not accurate. Your site is refreshing." - J.W.

"EmailForeclosures.com has more comprehensive information than all of the other foreclosure websites I've visited. I was pleasantly surprised by how they didn't want credit card information and how detailed the listings are!" - B.Z.

"I really appreciate your service!  I work in Real Estate in the state of Tennessee. I have found your e-mail alerts to be a quick way of keeping up with properties in my region for cutomers.  The information has been quite beneficial and the information is free.  What a deal !" - R.W.

"Your site seems to be Much Better than the other sites I have been on, the big PLUS FACTOR is that its FREE. I for one want to say 'Thank You.'" - J.P.

"I just want to say what a great site EmailForeclosures.com is. A great service for a price that you can't beat. I use your service all the time, I think it is great and please keep up the good work." - A.T.

"First I want to compliment you on your free service. There are a few (only three or four) companies that I get e-mails from and yours is my favorite. Realty Trac is a joke compared to yours, on getting fresh leads on new stuff on the market. I guess that may not be necessary, but they are a well known as near as I can tell, yet you, to me, are loads better. So I said all that to bottom line...........Thanks Your great!!" - A.J.

"Thank you so much for you wonderful service -- we heard about you on Clark Howard. It took awhile -- but we found a dream vacation home in Florida on your listing service." - M.R.

Our mission at EmailForeclosures.com is to provide you with the most up-to-date foreclosure listings from the most sources delivered to your email inbox for absolutely FREE! 

At EmailForeclosures.com, we go direct to the sources of foreclosure listings and consolidate these into a single list of properties that meet your search criteria, then deliver them directly to your email inbox as soon as possible.

Our database of foreclosure listings is updated several times per day to provide you with the most up-to-date listings possible; however, we will only email you if new or changed listings meeting your criteria become available.  We search numerous websites that list bank-owned and government-owned properties.  If you would like to request a website be added to the list, please contact us with the website address. 

At EmailForeclosures.com, we only share your personal information if you give us explicit permission.  Each email you receive from us will contain new or changed listings that meet your search criteria.  Ads from our sponsors may be included in each email to help defray our costs.  We will never transfer your information to anyone else without your consent for any reason.  NEVER ANY SPAM... PERIOD!  If you no longer wish to receive emails, you may unsubscribe and will no longer receive any correspondence from us or our sponsors.  

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