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I am a real estate agent or mortgage lender... how does your system work?

We are now selling exclusive territories for these foreclosure properties to real estate agents and mortgage lenders like yourself.  If you advertise with us, here is how our system works:

  • First, someone searching our site for FREE or one of the 70,000+ subscribers to our FREE email alerts sees a property of interest to them.
  • If they wish to find out more information about this property, they fill out a short prequalification form with their name and contact info.
  • This form is then sent to you as the exclusive real estate agent or exclusive mortgage professional for that area. 
  • Finally, your name and contact information will be displayed on that property so that the buyer can contact you directly to obtain financing or make an offer to buy. 

    We already have a large subscriber base of more than 70,000 subscribers and growing.  When you visit our website, you will be able to select your zip codes and immediately see how many subscribers will receive email alerts with properties in your zip codes.  You will also be able to see the dollar value of properties in these zip codes that were listed on our database in the past year.  Pricing will be shown instantly after selecting territories; the price is based on the dollar value of properties within each zip code.  We offer an additional volume discount for purchasing more zip codes, and the price shown in the shopping cart reflects this discount.  You can pay securely on our website, and your advertisement will be displayed immediately!

    We believe this is a win-win situation for all parties involved.  Our subscribers get the exact foreclosures they are looking for delivered immediately to them for FREE, and they get to work with an extremely knowledgeable and helpful agent or mortgage professional like yourself who will represent them in the transaction.  Advertising agents get your commission split upon successful closing, and the listing agent (if there is one) gets their portion.  Advertising mortgage professionals get your loan fees for all new loans generated.  We get our reasonable advertising rate, and the lenders get to sell these properties faster than they would otherwise. 
    Please help us spread the word to other agents or mortgage professionals you may know in other parts of the country.  Please also feel free to contact us if you have questions, comments, suggestions, problems, etc.