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We are now selling exclusive advertising territories for these foreclosure properties to real estate agents and mortgage lenders like yourself.If you advertise with us, here is how our system works:

  • First, someone searching our site for FREE or one of the 70,000+ subscribers to our FREE email alerts sees a property of interest to them.
  • If they wish to find out more information about this property, they fill out a short prequalification form with their name and contact info.
  • This form is then sent to you as the exclusive real estate agent or exclusive mortgage professional for that area.
  • Finally, yourname and contact information will be displayed on that property so that the buyer can contact you directly to obtain financing or make an offer to buy.

    To sign up/obtain pricing, scroll down, select the service you offer, and click "Continue to Step 2". To find out more details first, click the link below:

    I am a real estate agent or mortgage professional... how does your system work?

    Step 1: Select Description Of Service Offered.
    We now offer exclusive territories to the following service professionals:



    Refund Policy

    If you are a home inspector, specialty contractor, or other service professional, we are interested in partnering with you in a mutually beneficial relationship.
    Please contact us to discuss potential advertising relationships.

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    For a limited time, your first 4 weeks of advertising are FREE!!!

    Try our advertising and receive leads of foreclosure buyers FREE for 4 full weeks! You may cancel your advertising at any time within your 4 week trial.

    You must enter a valid credit card to receive the FREE advertising. If you sign up for an advertising account today, your credit card will not be charged until 4 weeks from today. To cancel your FREE trial, you must send an email to prior to the 28th day following signing up for your FREE advertising. For example, if you sign up on the 1st of the month (E.S.T.), if you do not cancel before midnight (E.S.T.) on the 28th of the month, your credit card will be charged the normal annual advertising rate.


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